Asian Bistro started as a dream; an unrealistic dream for a struggling family who worked hard to put food on the table. Through long hours and some extra ambition, that unrealistic dream turned into a potential goal. A goal that finally came true on July 9th, 2014. Asian Bistro opened its doors in July of 2014 and topped TripAdvisor's list as #1 Restaurant in Janesville, WI. The community rallied around this little bistro and the reviews starting pouring in. Asian Bistro quickly became a foodie destination in Janesville. Wait times exceeded over an hour and Asian Bistro fans happily waited for their orders day after day! Asian Bistro fans built a strong bond and friendship with the family that operated the small restaurant. It's easy to see why.

 The family never sacrificed freshness for convenience, choosing to make every dish from scratch with quality, hand picked ingredients and making every order fresh. 

The Asian Bistro family spent a lot of time donating and giving back to the Janesville and Milwaukee communities. Hosting holiday food drives and preparing meals for the homeless. In February 2019, the family lost their grandfather after his long battle with Alzheimer's. They took some time off to plan the funeral and honor the family patriarch. 1 month later, they lost their uncle. The son of the grandfather. The family found themselves planning a second funeral within four weeks. 

Being closed for weeks to plan and attend the funerals was hard on the family, both emotionally and financially. The restaurant is their livelihood but they also needed time to grieve. After re-opening again, the family quickly caught up on their orders and bills. However, the old building they resided in had more bad news in store. The family would have to close again to repair plumbing, flooring, and many other issues that arose within the building. 

In July of 2019, the family amicably chose not to renew their lease. After 5 years of success, Asian Bistro closed its doors. Many fans came out to have one last meal and show their support. Some even shared hugs, tears, and stories of their memories at the restaurant to the family. The Asian Bistro family plans to re-open again somewhere in Wisconsin and are looking for new locations. They are taking some time off to spend together and figure out what's best for them at this time. 

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