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Asian Bistro Fans and Friends,

We have news. After many months of searching and weeks of negotiating, a new location has been secured in Franklin, WI. We encourage you to read our announcement in full to understand all of the facts and updates. 

For those of you who are in full support of our new endeavor, we cannot thank you enough for your unconditional kindness. It has been very tough. In 2019, we lost two members of our family, a close family friend, and our beloved restaurant. Yet, we are choosing to remain hopeful of the future by focusing on only the positives - we hope that our fans and friends will do the same. 

This new location will have with an updated dining room, renovated bathrooms, new HVAC system and kitchen hood system, a walk-in cooler to store our ingredients that is almost twice as large as our previous one, more natural lighting, among many other things we were looking for! As many of you know, our previous location was showing its age and we did our best to maintain it. Sometimes, even having to close for the day in order to have repairs done. Thus, we are excited to have a new location that will meet all of our needs in order to create the best versions of our dishes for you!

We know some of our Janesville patrons will be disappointed that we could not relocate to another location in close proximity to our original restaurant. We want to be fully transparent as your support is valued by our family. PLEASE understand that we have searched and even waited for a good location within the area to turn up but, after many months and many leads, we could not find a suitable space in due time. We do want to thank ALL of the wonderful people who sent us addresses, locations, possible lease listings, etc. Every lead was researched and looked into. You gave us a jump start on our search for a new location and your efforts were truly helpful. That optimism and show of support is incredible.

It has been over 5 months since Asian Bistro closed its doors. Keep in mind that with the closing of Asian Bistro, our family and staff who worked at Asian Bistro lost their main source of income, thus opening a new location as soon as possible became a priority. As much as we wished to stay in the Janesville area, we had to be open to looking at locations outside of our desired area. 

However, we hope to still have a presence in Janesville and the surrounding areas with these ideas:
  • Once our new restaurant is open, we plan to save up for a food truck so that we can visit Janesville, Madison, and other cities all over Wisconsin!
  • We also received great leads on some food festivals and local events all over Janesville and Wisconsin, we hope to become a food vendor at some of these events!
  • We have been working with venues in Verona, WI and Milwaukee, WI to set up Asian Bistro Pop-Up dinner events and Asian Bistro Cooking Classes.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: We have also decided as a family that Asian Bistro cannot be duplicated. We do not wish to erase the memories created at the location in downtown Janesville, and the friendships we have created through Asian Bistro's 5 incredible years. The new restaurant will have a different name and will have a new menu, while still paying homage to some of the Fan Favorite dishes.
We appreciate your positive comments during this time. Please celebrate with us in this great opportunity for us to continue sharing our food with many more people, not only in Janesville, but across Wisconsin. More details will be available this week on the name of the new restaurant, along with ideas we have for the new style and exciting new menu. 

With love,
The Asian Bistro Family

Asian Bistro

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  1. Congratulations to the entire family on your news. We definitely miss all of you and your wonderful food, but we understand your decision. Franklin is only a short ride to enjoy a wonderful meal and a chance to visit with your family. Will be waiting for your updates, see you soon.