Asian Bistro Pop-Up Dinner Updates

Hello Everyone,

While we have been scouting locations for our new restaurant, our family has also been working with the idea of hosting a pop-up dinner or cooking class.

What is a pop-up dinner?

Our pop-up dinner would be an Asian Bistro hosted dinner at a specific event venue with a prix fixe menu. We would provide a 4 course dinner (appetizer, soup or salad, entree, and dessert) for a flat rate fee, however beverages may be an additional cost. The pop-up dinner would have limited seating and reservation-only.


We have an appointment on November 10th to look at a possible location in Verona, WI and are very excited that it could work for our pop-up dinner event. If this location does not work out for us, we will continue our search for a venue with a kitchen and dining area that can accommodate us for a reasonable price.  If you know of any venues in your area with a commercial-grade kitchen and dining area that would be willing to host this type of event, please let us know!


Once the location is secured, we will create an event page either on our website or on Facebook to invite all of our Asian Bistro fans to sign up to join us. The reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis with a deposit required in advance.

This is very exciting as we will be able to cook once again for our communities while opening up the creative freedom to create a great menu of authentic dishes. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Thank you,

The Asian Bistro Family

Asian Bistro

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